“5-Stars. My highest rating. Professional, courteous, value driven. The team at Elliott Dental has earned all of the awards they have received.” –Daniel M.

“Dentist Chandler is what I typed in the search engine. Anita Elliott was the first hit. Anita Elliott had the best reviews as a Dentist in Chandler, and let me tell you, she also had the best reviews of any Dentist in Gilbert, Dentist in Tempe, Dentist in Mesa, and even in all of Phoenix. I wasn’t sure, so I called 1-800-DENTIST, and they told me the same thing– Dr. Elliott’s office is the best. I made an appointment. What a great decision! Everyone there is so nice! This is the cleanest, most professional dental office I’ve ever seen. They know so much and they’ve won so many awards. So, about my smile, it’s perfect… Well it is now anyway. I’m smiling all the time, and if you can’t tell from the fantastic review above, I feel like a walking commercial for Elliott Dental. This dental office is the best. I’ve been a fan since I walked into the office over 5 years ago. Thanks for making me look and feel great!” Laurie P.

“My highest recommendation goes to Dr. Elliott and the Elliott Dental team. My family has been seeing Dr. Elliott for nearly 20 years. My children grew up seeing Dr. Elliott, and now, with my first grandbaby on the way, I think we are going to be a 3-generation Elliott Dental Family! Dr. Elliott and her team make a trip to the dental office fun. Really. At her practice you are treated like a person and not some number or insurance form. I highly recommend Elliott Dental as the best dentist in Chandler and all of Arizona!” –Sherry R.

“Every once and a while you need a dentist. When I needed a Dentist Chandler, I thought about how to select a dentist that I could trust. I was reading a copy of Working Mother magazine and found Dr. Anita Elliott’s dental practice had been named one of the best places in the whole country for working mothers. As a working mom myself, I had a feeling I would be happy there. I was right. Every time I visit the office I see the same smiling faces smiling back at me. Everyone treats me with such respect and courtesy. Elliott Dental gets my highest review.” –Janice S.

“It’s simple. If you are looking for a dentist in Chandler, great, but it really doesn’t matter if you are from Gilbert, or Tempe, or Mesa, Queen Creek, Maricopa, Scottsdale, Phoenix, or Glendale, it’s worth the drive to Elliott Dental. The best dental office ever.” –James M.

“Congratulations on being named Dental Team of the Year! Of course, this comes as no surprise to the patients that you’ve so selflessly cared for all these years. Let me add my congratulations for a job well done. My best.” — Paul F.

“The best? The greatest? The hottest? (true, but that’s for another review)The kindest? The most skilled? The friendliest? The best value? The most accommodating? The answer to ALL of the above is YES! Elliott Dental, without exception, will provide you with a dental experience like no other. This is a great dental office. They treat you like family (actually better than my family but that’s for another review, too). Seriously, they make you look and feel wonderful about your smile. I think I can sum this all up as, FANTASTICAMALISTIC!” –Robert A.

“Elliott Dental represents the best value in dentistry. High quality, but reasonable prices, keep me coming back. I know they have MY interests at heart.” –Michelle S.

“When I moved to the East Valley I started looking for a new dentist Chandler was close and Dr. Elliott’s practice just off the 101 was so easy to get to from both my home and my office. The same complex has an orthodontist, and a root canal specialists, and a pedodontist for the kids. I tried them out. Without overstating one word, I had the most awesome dental experience I could ever have dreamed of. The staff is so knowledgeable, and Dr. Elliott spent so much time getting to know me and what I wanted. That’s the best thing, they don’t push stuff on you. They told me that I was in charge of my dental health, and it turns out that I am! I love the fact that they don’t let insurance companies push them around. People make the difference, and the people at Elliott Dental are fantastic.” Lee E.